Chris and Charlie

Introducing “Charlie”…

A colorful and fun story about Charlie, a little red dog that meets his new family and begins a new life full of adventure and excitement.  As Charlie explores the world around him with Christopher, he finds happiness in his new life and with his new family.  The first of more adventures to come!

Our mission is to introduce the love and joy a dog can bring into your life by sharing our experiences through Charlie. While reading about Charlies adventures, children will learn the basic needs of their furry friends and understand their needs.

The Authors: Tammy Ryan and Michael Wallace

About Our Illustrator:

Award-winning author/illustrator, Lorraine Dey has been a professional artist and designer for over thirty-five years. She has illustrated several books for publishers such as Rockport, Rodale Press, and Simon & Schuster.

  Lorraine also exhibited her animal, wildlife and landscape artwork throughout the U.S. and Canada. She won the title of N.Y. D.U., (Atlantic Flyway) “Artist of the Year” in 1990 with her painting of green-winged teal titled, “Muddy Water Retreat”.

  During her time spent focusing on animal art, she studied with masters in the field such as Robert Bateman and John Seerey-Lester.

  Today Lorraine uses her ability to capture the expressive faces and movements of her animal characters in children’s books, which has been her focus since 2009. Winning honors such as “Mom’s Choice” and “Indie-publishing” awards.

  Lorraine also received a Silver “Mom’s Choice Award” and the “Gelett Burgess Award” for her own book, “The Rain Forest Party”.

Visit her website:

The Illustrator: Lorraine Dey

Take a peek at Lorraine’s YouTube channel for videos of “Work In Progress”…

Deystudio Art on YouTube.

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